Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer for Inorganic Materials - inductar® CS cube

Entirely newly designed, this high-precision CS analyzer for ceramic or metallic materials employs only modern technologies. It is available with a long-life solid-state high-frequency induction furnace, which allows it to reach sample temperatures of up to 2000 °C. With the help of an optional camera, the gas release can be observed in real-time by the operator.

Additionally, advanced technologies are used for element detection. Sulfur and carbon are both analyzed by wide-range IR detectors, which are capable of detecting the whole concentration range. Thus, little impurities in the ppm-range and higher concentrations of some percentages by weight are detectable.

Innovative Design and Technology Solutions for Highest Precision

The innovative design along with its feeding system from the top and intelligent gas flow direction decreases debris and dust to a minimum. This guarantees immense tidiness within the whole device, which prevents the need for any tiresome cleaning operation. The inductar CS cube, along with tool-free maintenance and intuitive, multi-language software, is indeed easy to use. Furthermore, the optional 89 position autosampler permits a completely automated high-throughput operation.

With its high precision, maximum user convenience and maximum robustness in 24/7 operation, the inductar CS cube is capable of fulfilling all demands for sophisticated R&D projects and also everyday operation. The inductar CS cube can be advanced anytime to the inductar EL cube for those wanting to analyze even up to five elements with one and the same device.

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