Geological Mapping Solutions (GMS) – Monitoring Tasks of Multiple Systems

The Geological Mapping Solutions (GMS) is designed to handle monitoring tasks of multiple systems at global locations.

Key Applications

Geological and mineral exploration companies, geological survey companies, amongst others.

Materials recovered by geological survey and exploration from the earth includes: Base metals, precious metals, uranium, iron, rock salt, limestone and potash.


oil rig


A “client-server” configuration enables monitoring tasks of multiple systems at individual global locations.

Xenemetrix Geological Mapping Solution (GMS) includes compact size 50W tube power mobile analyzers that can be effortlessly transported between sites, or robust bench-top systems stabile for installation in mobile laboratory. The advanced software package is fitted with GPRS/Wi-Fi/Satellite Data Transfer and GPS and is easily operated by non-skilled personnel.

This “client-server” configuration provides analytical flexibility and availability for research and monitoring jobs of numerous systems around the world, enables quick monitoring of field results provided with time stamp, unique location tag and quantification results per element of interest of each sample been analyzed.

Through the GMS server system, installation and calibrations can be tweaked and the data gathered can be transmitted to an advanced report repository to provide an advanced data analysis and monitoring on an everyday basis.

Xenemetrix’s robust laboratory spectrometers (EX-6600 SDD/X-7600 SDD-LE), fitted with Advanced Standard-less Fundamental Parameters (SLFP) Software (a comprehensive XRF analysis tool, enabling quantitative analysis of numerous samples without requirement of certified reference materials- standards), enable a complete analysis of the company HQ laboratory data transferred, providing the definitive full solution of analyzing data in real time from numerous exploration locations.

Few basic steps will enable the issuance of an instant certified report specifying the exact elemental concentration of the samples, and report it to the company HQ server. Then a more complete analysis on a laboratory machine can be done to get a geological mapping of multiple systems at global locations.

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