Edge – A New Leading and Faster Technology than Traditional Solvent Extraction Techniques

The EDGE® is an automated extraction system that’s faster than Soxhlet, more automated than QuEChERS, and simpler than other solvent extraction systems. Extract a wide range of samples and sizes at least 3 times faster than other pressurized fluid extractors. This includes filtering, cooling, and washing. The EDGE has revolutionized the extraction process for sample preparation.


  • Fastest technique available
  • Q-Cups (sample holders) are effortlessly assembled and cleaned
  • Small footprint (about the size of an analytical balance)
  • One technology with unlimited applications

A simple solution to a complicated problem.

The aluminum Q-Cup sample holder consists of three easy-to-assemble pieces:

• Q-Cup Cylinder

• Q-Disc

• Threaded Bottom

The open top creates a dispersive effect, which promotes rapid extraction and filtration. The disposable Q-Discs® completely filter your sample, prior to analysis. No additional steps are required. The simple design lends itself to easy cleaning.

The EDGE’s patented Q-Cup Technology offers simple and fast solvent extraction for a variety of applications including:

• Environmental

• Food

• Cannabis

• Pharmaceutical

• Consumer Products

• Polymers

See the EDGE in action and answer the age old question “Will It Extract?” here

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