Integrated Displacement Sensor – 3010 from Attocube

The Integrated Displacement Sensor (IDS) 3010 from attocube with its slim size can be incorporated directly into machines for free-beam operation. It is considered to be the ideal for demanding synchrotron and OEM applications. A passively cooled housing prevents contamination of optical and electrical components.

In the case of greatly confined applications, sensor heads can be remotely worked and interconnected through glass fibers. The sensor can be aligned, initialized and (re-) configured remotely at any time owing to an integrated webserver.

A wide spectrum of digital and analog real-time interfaces and protocols allows the smooth transmission of position data to the receiver such as CNC controllers or RTOS computers. The additional support of the most common industrial networks such as Profinet RT, EtherCAT, CANopen, Profinet and Biss-C enable the integration into wider industrial and synchrotron networks.

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