PCR Machine – Alpha Cycler

With the Alpha Cycler series, the option for single, dual, or four block instruments enables accurate throughput and scale. The Alpha Cycler 1, 2 and 4 work an HD Quad Core Android tablet interface with features intended to improve the user experience and boost quality to become the workhorse of labs worldwide.

The PCRmax Alpha cyclers are developed to provide not only superior quality data but also to innovate and surpass the high standards anticipated by the community.

Alpha Cycler 1 PCRmax

The single block Alpha Cycler 1 (AC-1) is a compact and feature filled entry level PCR machine with performance and easy usage at its core.

Alpha Cycler 2 PCRmax

The Alpha Cycler 2 (AC-2) dual block system allows multiuser labs without the throughput or demand for a four-block system access to multi-block flexibility or labs expanding their single block system to upgrade their PCRs.

Alpha Cycler 4 PCRmax

The Alpha Cycler 4 (AC-4) is the only true fully self-reliantly controllable multi-block thermal cycler currently available. PCRmax created this system keeping in mind the high throughput market as well as the standard throughput and multiple user environments who are space conscious and have needs for numerous users and block formats.

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