Desktop Vibration Control for Materials Testing

The Onyx Series vibration isolation table has been designed for isolating sensitive equipment from vibrations brought about by HVAC systems, foot traffic, neighboring operating machinery, etc. It comprises of a steel tabletop supported by pneumatic isolators, which are effortlessly inflated by using an air-pump or another automatic air source. The Onyx Series integrates effortlessly with the Silencer acoustic enclosure in order to provide a complete environmental solution.

Product Highlights

  • Premium Isolation Technology: Isolates vibrations using pneumatic isolators, providing substantial vibration isolation performance starting at 4.5 Hz.
  • Contaminate Free Operation: Uses dry and clean air to prevent contaminates from entering the lab.
  • Simple to Use: No special tools or hardware required for operation.
  • Low Profile: At 2.3″ tall, the instrument will receive an elegant isolation solution without a significant impact on the foot print.
  • Research-grade Quality: Superior quality hardware and finish in order to deliver a premium quality look.
  • Focus on What Matters: Minimal maintenance enables the user to focus on the research and not the isolation system.
  • Enclosure Integration: All standard models have been designed to fit within Herzan’s acoustic enclosures.

Popular Upgrades

  • Portable air regulator
  • Workstation integration
  • Acoustic enclosure integration
  • Automatic leveling feature
  • Digital air pressure gauge
  • Multiple isolators for increased load capacity

Popular Upgrades


Passive air tables like the Onyx Series offer pneumatic vibration control to research instruments not focusing on sub-hertz vibration noise. The cost effective nature of passive air tables are considered to be a perfect solution for research applications wanting an affordable solution that offers great vibration isolation performance.


Common applications using TS platforms are as follows:

  • Micromanipulation
  • Materials testing
  • High precision scales
  • Wire bond and pull test
  • Optical microscopy
  • Interferometry
  • Profilometry



Performance Highlights

  • Vibration isolation starting at 4.5 Hz
  • 90% vibration isolation at 6.5 Hz
  • 99% vibration isolation past 20 Hz
  • Resonant frequency: 3 Hz


M = Manual Leveling
A = Automatic Leveling
Width x Depth x Height
Imperial / Metric
Upgrades Available
Imperial / Metric
Onyx-6M 16 x 17 x 2.3 in. / 406 x 432 x 58 mm 150 Lbs / 68 Kg
Onyx-6A 16 x 17 x 2.3 in. / 406 x 432 x 58 mm 150 Lbs / 68 Kg
Onyx-7M 20 x 24 x 2.3 in. / 508 x 609 x 58 mm 150 Lbs / 68 Kg
Onyx-7A 20 x 24 x 2.3 in. / 508 x 609 x 58 mm 150 Lbs / 68 Kg
Onyx-8M 24 x 32 x 2.3 in. / 609 x 813 x 58 mm 200 Lbs / 91 Kg
Onyx-8A 24 x 32 x 2.3 in. / 609 x 813 x 58 mm 200 Lbs / 91 Kg


When determining if the Onyx Series table is best suited for an application or instrument, it is essential to review the top plate dimensions and load capacity of every single table (that is, Onyx-6M Top Plate Dimensions: 16″ x 17″ (W x D); Onyx-6M Load Capacity: 68 Kg/150 Lbs) and identify the model that has a huge enough top plate + load capacity for supporting the instrument.

Two key factors are available for determining which Onyx Series isolation table is perfect for an instrument or application. If none of the models listed above meet the instrument’s profile or footprint, an Onyx table can be custom designed in order to meet individual instrument requirements.


These isolators, when properly inflated, will be able to decrease the transmission of vibrations to the tabletop, offering a near vibration-free work surface for sensitive equipment.


Technical Specifications

Natural Frequency 1.9 - 2.6 Hz
Transmissibility See transmissibility curve. Isolation starting at 4.5 Hz. 90% reduction past 6.5 Hz, 99% reduction past 20 Hz
Air Supply Requirements

Manual hand pump
Continuous compressed air, 75 psi, 5 kg/cm
Static Compliance Horizontal: approx. 30-40 um/n

Hand pump and air valves
Auto-level sensors, air-filter, and regulator
Compliancy All Herzan products are RoHS compliant

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