Ceramic Laser Reflectors

The ceramic laser reflectors from Morgan Advanced Materials are high reflectance cavities used in solid state and CO2 laser systems. They are built either as a one-piece or two-piece system based on customer requirement.

Morgan Advanced Materials’ range of ceramic laser reflectors provides great benefits and improvements over those made with materials such as polymer and metal including:

  • Higher efficiency/output performance
  • Prolonged life time
  • Higher reflectance over a broader range of wavelengths - Sintox™ AL displays reflectance of 97 to 98% over wavelengths from 570 nm to 2000 nm. Sintox™ FF displays reflectance of 96 to 98% over wavelengths from 570 nm to 2000 nm
  • Uniform beam quality
  • Inert to all regular cleaning chemicals
  • Greater thermal stability, mostly at higher temperatures because of a very low coefficient of thermal expansion

High reflectance Sintox™ AL and Sintox™ FF ceramic cavities produce diffuse reflectance, which offers a very uniform beam profile. This diffuse reflectance also distributes light and consequently decreases hot spots in the pumped medium. These completely dense materials exhibit higher strength and scratch resistance than traditional polymeric and thermoplastic materials. Moreover, the mechanical strength of the material allows the design and manufacturing of thin wall section reflectors to lessen the laser’s final assembly weight and design space necessities.

When active cooling is needed, the reflectors can be glazed both inside the cavity and around the outer edges using “non-solarizing” glaze that seals the ceramic against ingress of cooling fluids.

Three types of glazed reflectors are available:

a) Sintox™ AL GSO: Solarization resistant glaze offering high bulk reflectivity.

b) Sintox™ AL GSY: This glaze cuts off wavelengths in the UV range which decreases the quantity of heat produced in the laser head with the advantage of extended service life, minimal cooling requirements, and in some cases cuts operating costs.

c) Sintox™ AL Samarium: Absorbs radiation at the Nd-YAG lasing wavelength of 1,064 nm, and its additionally transitions near 940 nm, 1120 nm, 1320 nm and 1440 nm. Absorbing this radiation prevents it from being reflected back into the laser rod and increases highest output energy.

Morgan Advanced Materials’ ceramic laser reflectors can be found in a broad range of applications including:

  • Intense Pulse Lamp (IPL) systems for use with tattoo and hair removal
  • Industrial lasers for use with welding, cutting and marking
  • Medical lasers used in surgical and ophthalmic applications
  • DPSS lasers for use in medical and scientific applications plus range finders

A broad range of standard and custom designed reflectors with varying glaze combinations are available.

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