Carbon Brushes from Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials provides a wide variety of superior quality carbon brushes designed to attain better reliability in generators and motors.

The electrical carbon brushes from Morgan Advanced Materials are made from low friction conductive carbon materials including copper graphite, natural graphite, silver graphite, resin bonded carbon electro graphite, and pitch bonded carbon.

The combination of this broad range of high-quality materials and the company’s highly experienced local technical support network enables brushes and holders to be matched with customer equipment for ideal performance with marginal maintenance requirements.

Choosing the right grade carbon brush is vital for high motor performance, commutator performance and maximum brush life. Morgan Advanced Materials manufacture and design many grades, patterns, and types of carbon brushes guaranteeing the appropriate carbon brush is available to meet customer’s requirements for their generators or motors, and advice on carbon brush grade selection is given by the company’s technical experts. The benefits to their customers include carbon brushes that can increase uptime and lower maintenance costs by enhancing machine availability and reliability.

Morgan Advanced Materials carbon brushes are selected for their low wear rates and consistent reliable electrical performance on generators and motors. They are used in mining, power generation, steel processing, traction and a wide variety of general industrial applications worldwide.

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