Monolithic Insulating Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials offers Thermal Ceramics monolithic insulating materials in an extensive range of engineered formulations for use as hot face or backing linings in demanding thermal environments. The range comprises of products that can be cast, poured, gunned, rammed plastered, shot-creted and pumped.

The monolithic insulating products are produced from Alumina Silicate and Silicon Carbide with graded cement and binders. Formulations that are available include medium cement, low cement, aluminium resistant, phosphate bonded, dry vibratory, clay bonded and special formulations for custom applications.

Key Features

  • Exceptional resistance to mechanical impact, thermal shock and molten metals
  • Lightweight, strong, effective insulator
  • Extensive choice of engineered formulations and application methods guarantees optimum performance in individual applications

Typical Applications

  • General furnace, kiln lining and boiler applications
  • Joint free linings for aluminium lining applications
  • Tube seals in boilers and heaters for petrochemical and power generation applications

The company helps customers solve thermal insulation challenges and also offers advice on lining design and optimum product specification.

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