CCD Camera with Ultra Low Noise - SOPHIA

The SOPHIA® camera, available from Princeton Instruments, is the most advanced type of ultra-low-noise scientific cameras so far. It incorporates proprietary new ArcTec thermoelectric cooling technology, state-of-the-art software, and precisely engineered ultra-low-noise electronics. ArcTec utilizes custom-developed Peltier devices, an all-metal hermetic vacuum design, and extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis to achieve reliability and unprecedented cooling performance. The sensitivity and speed make the SOPHIA series cameras perfect for low-light-level research applications such as spectroscopy, in vivo small animal imaging, astronomy, chemiluminescence, and photometry.

The SOPHIA-XO model employs an open-nose design and uses no antireflective coatings to facilitate soft x-ray detection.


The key features of SOPHIA cameras are as follows:

  • 2048 x 2048 back-illuminated CCDs deliver >95% peak QE
  • ArcTec™ technology cools sensor below -90 °C without cryocoolers or chillers
  • Patented eXcelon technology -low fringing and improved sensitivity over wide wavelength range
  • Permanent vacuum guarantee
  • High-speed USB 3.0 data interface with optional fiberoptic connection for remote operation
  • Innovative, ultra-low-noise readout electronics with ultra-stable bias
  • Up to 16 MHz readout rate with up to 4-port simultaneous readout
  • Compatible with SpectraPro and IsoPlane spectrometers
  • Fully supported by 64-bit LightField software

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