High Resolution Imaging Spectrographs and Scanning Monochromators – SpectraPro HRS-300

Princeton Instruments’ SpectraPro spectrometers have set new standards for reliable, high-performance spectroscopy for more than 25 years. Day in and day out, researchers all over the world rely on these popular spectrographs and monochromators for a broad range of industrial and scientific applications.

By building upon the legacy of these popular research instruments, Princeton Instruments has now developed an even more versatile and higher-resolution spectroscopy solution. The company’s new SpectraPro HRS imaging spectrographs are completely packed with the latest technology and can facilitate just about any spectroscopy application that can be imagined.


The benefits of SpectraPro HRS include:

  • ResXtreme™ spectral deconvolution enhances spectral resolution and SNR up to 60%
  • Exclusive AccuDrive™ grating drive system produces up to 3X improvement in wavelength accuracy
  • High spectral resolution PLUS reduced astigmatism
  • Very precise wavelength and intensity calibration with IntelliCal system
  • Fully supported by 64-bit LightField software
  • Multiple exit ports offer unrivaled versatility for multi-detector operation

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