Differential Scanning Calorimeter – DSC 3500 Sirius

NETZSCH’s DSC 3500 Sirius Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) is a cost-effective starter device designed for material characterization.

The DSC 3500 Sirius combines advanced technology with high sensitivity in an easy-to-operate, robust measuring system across a temperature ranging from -170 °C to 600 °C. The vital characteristics of the DSC 3500 Sirius measuring cell are its monolithic DSC sensor featuring optimal resolution and high stability and its silver furnace with a heating element that lasts for a long time.

NETZSCH recommends that an automatic sample changer (ASC) for up to 20 samples and references, even of different crucible kinds, should be available with the unit for high sample throughput. The DSC 3500 Sirius’ design, developed in Japan, is customized to routine tasks in failure analysis and quality control as well as for material characterization of food products, of technical textiles, in the polymer and cosmetic industry, in packaging and for additional organic or inorganic materials.

Key Technical Data

  • Temperature range: -170 °C to 600 °C
  • Heating rates: 0.001 K/min to 100 K/min
  • Cooling rates: 0.001 K/min to 100 K/min (depending on temp.)
  • Sensor: heat flux system
  • Measurement range: ± 650 mW
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.1 K
  • Enthalpy accuracy: generally < 2%
  • Atmospheres: oxid., inert (static, dynamic)
  • Automatic sample changer (ASC) for up to 20 samples and references (optional)

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