Dynamic and Kinematic Viscosity Measurement – V-Compact Series

The V-Compact viscometer is part of the FGB V-Series and features a smart and contemporary design. It includes a ground-breaking technology that provides unique and progressive options. The possibility to exchange headboards is one of the most vanguard features of the V-Compact Series. The V-Compact includes different viscometer heads (L, R or H) which can be effortlessly exchanged to cover all viscosity ranges. The unit comes with Push, Plug & Release (PPR) system - spindle coupling for easy lock of the spindle. Further, it includes the built-in HELDAL movement for measuring viscosity of non-flowing substances. An intuitive mobile application controls the V-Compact viscometer.

The V•SERIES product range provides patented technology, unique and innovative options, and a transformative user experience.

  • Speed: 0.1 – 250 r.p.m.
  • Number of speeds: 2600

Viscosity Reading

  • Dynamic Viscosity (cP, mPa•s)
  • Kinematic Viscosity (cSt) (User must enter density value.)

Data Displayed

  • Selected Spindle
  • Selected Speed
  • Viscosity readings (cP or mPa•s or cSt)
  • Percentage of Full Scale Range (%)
  • Sample Temperature (Optional, °C or °F)
  • Shear rate (with coaxial spindles) (s-1)
  • Shear Stress (with coaxial spindles) (N/m2)
  • Density (introduced by the user)(g/cm3)


  • Create and edit multiple programs
  • Store programs for later use
  • Select between Time To Torque (TTT), Time To Stop (TTS), Step and Ramp

Data Storage

  • Results of all performed experiments can be stored in a comprehensive database
  • Users can access the program configuration for each experiment
  • Users can analyze and review the saved data for future testing purposes


  • A list of customized speeds (0.01 to 250 rpm) can be created
  • Quality Control Limits (QCL) and Out of Range alarms can be activated and deactivated
  • Users can change the axis values on the graphic display
  • Auto- Test: Automatic viscometer calibration with visual and sound malfunction alarm
  • Auto-Range: Shows the maximum viscosity range for the chosen spindle-rpm combination
  • Tablet: All parameters can be accessed on a tablet (included). Free mobile application is available through the Google Play Store
  • Languages: Multiple language selections are available
  • QCL: The quality control limits can be selected for sample analysis
  • L.A.M.: Measurement update rate is regulated through the selection of the different times in each experiment
  • Graphic Mode: Shows experiment data with real-time charts
  • Export: Experiment results can be exported in CV and PDF format
  • Calibration: User-enabled viscosity and temperature calibration. (This calibration can invariably be reset to the original factor calibration.)
  • Offset: The temperature can be adjusted through an offset
  • Accessories: The V-COMPACT is compatible with all the available accessories (LCP, LCP/B, APM, APB/B, HELDAL (built-in))
  • PPR: For quick and efficient spindle changes, the V-VCOMPACT includes Push, Plug and Release (PPR) System


  • Repeatability: 0.2%
  • Accuracy: +/- 1% full scale
  • Thermometer features:
    • Temperature Range: -40 °C to + 300 °C
    • Temperature Resolution: 0.1 °C / 0.1722 °F
    • Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.3 °C
    • Type of probe: PT100 Class A
  • Supplied at 90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Spindle manufactured with AISI 316 stainless steel

Note: The material of the accessories including the temperature probe can be changed under customer specification (High Temperature Resistance).

Two years warranty.

Note: All parts (including the viscometer stand) find room in the Carrying case.

* The minimum measurement when using model "L" standard spindle is 10 cP. For measurements below 10 cP, we recommend to use the low viscosity adapter (LCP or LCP/B)

Standard Delivery

Instruments are supplied with an 8-inch tablet pre-installed with the Fungilab APP.

Also includes: viscometer head (L or R or H), standard spindles (4 spindles for L model and 6 spindles for R or H models), spindles rack, spindle protector, motorized base, power supply cable, temperature probe, operating manual, calibration certificate, and carrying case.

Viscometer head: Extra viscometer heads can be ordered with corresponding spindles; carrying case and protector; or with the carrying case alone.

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