Copper Alloys

Copper is used for an extensive range of applications from electronics to electrical parts to plumbing fittings for the construction industry. Each grade stocked by Columbia Metals provides its own particular advantages.

C101 / Cu-ETP (Electrolytic Tough Pitch copper)

C101 (Cu-ETP) is a commercially pure high conductivity grade of copper. It contains a nominal conductivity of 100% International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS) and high thermal conductivity, allowing it to be the material of choice for use in electrical components and conductors. C101 is improved by electrolytic deposition and then melted and oxidized to the “tough pitch” condition along with controlled low oxygen content.

C101: high conductivity earthing rods

C101: high conductivity earthing rods

C103 / Cu-OF (oxygen-free copper)

C103 (Cu-OF) is a commercially pure grade of oxygen-free copper that has been manufactured by pouring in a protective gas atmosphere or vacuum. The absence of oxygen guarantees increased levels of electrical conductivity and low susceptibility to embrittlement when heated in a reducing atmosphere.

C106 / Cu-DHP (phosphorous deoxidized copper)

C106 (Cu-DHP) is a grade of copper from which oxygen is removed by the monitored addition of phosphorous during the melting cycle. It is the material generally used for the manufacture of copper tubes as it can be readily welded and then brazed. C106 comprises of deep drawing characteristics considered to be superior even to those of tough pitch (C101) copper.

C106: readily welded and brazed for tubes

C106: readily welded and brazed for tubes

C107 / Cu-DPA (arsenical copper)

C107 (Cu-DPA) is a copper alloy with a small addition of arsenic which improves tensile strength properties at high operating temperatures up to 300 oC. Besides increasing the softening resistance, the arsenic also improves corrosion resistance in particular environments. This grade is deoxidized, which gives it freedom from hydrogen embrittlement, making it perfect for applications needing welding and brazing. C107 has exceptional fabrication characteristics and is usually specified for boilerplates and stay bolts in steam locomotive fireboxes.

C107: commonly used for stay bolts

C107: commonly used for stay bolts

C109 (tellurium copper)

C109 is a free-machining grade of copper along with an addition of around 0.5% tellurium. The tellurium content increases the machinability rating to 90% with minimal effect on ductility and conductivity. C109 has freedom from hydrogen embrittlement, allowing the use of this grade in electronic and electrical applications where intricacy and accuracy are needed.

C110 / Cu-OFE (oxygen-free copper)

C110 is considered to be the purest grade of oxygen-free copper, with a copper content of 99.99%. With increasingly tighter limits on impurities than other grades, C110 provides the highest thermal and electrical conductivity values available from a commercially available copper alloy and is not prone to embrittlement when hardened. Specified for electronic applications needing freedom from harmful impurities and oxide capable of impairing and contaminating electronic devices, C110 also has great ductility and is readily cold worked.


Grades and Properties

Designation and Related Specifications Available Forms Size Range Applications
Cu-ETP, C11000,
3/16” – 3” dia
1/2” – 1” sq
3/4” – 4” flat
Power generation: cables, overhead line conductors, generator windings, busbars, coaxial lines

Other: cables, overhead line conductors; motor, generator, transformer and instrument windings including enamelled wire, busbars, contacts, household and industrial wiring; switches, terminals, earthing rods, commutator segments, coaxial lines, anodes for electroplating
Cu-OF, C10200,
5/8” – 4.3/4” dia
1/4” thk sheet
General: radar and other electronic equipment, anodes for vacuum tubes, glass to metal seals in electronic equipment, thermostatic control valves, rotor conductors for large generators and motors, electrical equipment for service at elevated temperatures in the presence of reducing gases, anodes for electroplating, particularly in cyanide baths
Cu-DHP, C12200,
1” dia
12 g – 24 g
3/16” – 3.1/2” od
Chemical processing: heat exchanger plant, calorifiers, chemical plant, storage tanks, refrigeration plant, chemical pipework, water and gas installations and tubing, soil and waste disposal

Other: roofing sheet, architectural and decorative metalwork, air conditioning equipment and pipework, central heating systems, marine and general engineering fasteners, masonry fittings
Cu-DPA, C14200
7/8” – 2” dia
Plate also available
Rail: steam locomotive stay bolts, rivets and boiler plates

Chemical processing: chemical plant and equipment for relatively non-corrosive liquids and gases at moderately elevated temperatures
C14500, CW118C
3/16” – 1.3/8” dia General: transformer and circuit breaker terminals, contacts, connectors, clamps, bolts, nuts, studs and other high current-carrying components requiring free machinability
Cu-OFE, C10100,
1/4” – 6” dia General: components for vacuum devices, switches, interrupters, deposition units; components for superconductive magnets; electron tubes including anodes, fins and collectors; glass to metal seals, wave guide tubes, linear accelerators

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