Immersion Circulator: CORIO

Circulators from JULABO are used successfully in many parts of the world. Whether in material testing, research, or in production – the well-established and reliable technology is valued by users across all industries.

The CORIO C immersion circulator is ideal for basic internal applications and is provided with a redesigned, powerful bath clamp. The CORIO CD immersion circulator can cater to both standard internal and external applications. Features on these models include a USB connection and the ability to repeatedly toggle the pump between external and internal circulation directly under the display.

These units are fitted with a bath attachment clamp for wall thicknesses up to 26 mm. Alternatively, the circulator may be secured to a laboratory stand. The clamp makes it easy to install the circulator onto a present bath tank. Parts that are immersed in bath liquid are built of superior quality synthetic or stainless steel material. Standard applications include temperature testing of food or luxury articles, regulating the temperature of samples, materials testing, and evaluation, adjustment, and calibration or thermometers and thermal switches.

The CORIO heating circulators are available in various sizes from 4 to 50 L filling volume. In addition, the CORIO series contains also immersion circulators, open heating bath circulators and refrigerated circulators. The bath circulators are delivered with the customer's selection of either a high quality stainless steel or transparent plastic bath.

Immersion Circulator: CORIO


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