Circulators CORIO

The latest cooling and heating circulators CORIO CD-1000F and CD-1001F with a working temperature range of -40 to +150 °C or -38 to +100 °C and a heating capacity of 2 kW, are perfect for use in industrial and laboratories environments. CORIO's many cooling modes, such as automatic on, permanently on, or switched off, guarantee high energy efficiency. Pump capacity is 15 L/minute with pressure of 0.35 bar. The CORIO CD-1000F has a bath opening/depth of 22 x 15/15 cm and the CD-1001F has a bath size of 35 x 41/30 cm. With an enhanced cooling coil design, these units currently have more space in the bath and a filling volume of 5 to 7.5 L and 42 to 56 L, respectively.

Safe and Direct Handling

The bath cover has an ergonomic plastic grip to protect against burns from hot surfaces. A special pyramid design guides condensed liquid right back into the bath, where it belongs. Due to the smart operating concept of the CORIO units, the circulator's mains switch is easy to reach and all operating elements and safety operations can be started easily from the front. Actuating the mains switch turns the cooling machine and circulator on or off simutaneously. When in operating mode, the circulator totally controls the attached cooling unit. Since there are no ventilation openings on the side of the unit, cooling machines of the CORIO line can be situated directly next to the application or walls, saving significant amounts of space.

A broad selection of accessories like inserts, adapters, hoses, and more make it easy to freely adapt CORIO units to particular applications.

Overview of Features

  • Various operating modes for the cooling machine
  • Working temperature range of -40 to +150 °C or -38 to +100 °C
  • Pump pressure up to 3.5 bar or flow rate up to 15 L/minute
  • Very quiet
  • Temperature stability ±0.03
  • For external and internal applications
  • No side ventilation openings on cooling machine
  • Display is easy to read from far away

Circulators CORIO


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