ASD HandHeld 2 Pro: VNIR Hand-held Spectroradiometer

The FieldSpecFieldSpec® HandHeld 2 Pro hand-held spectroradiometer offers superior sensitivity over the usual HandHeld 2 spectroradiometer model, supporting spectral measurements for applications comprising of low reflectance characteristics such as water surfaces. Wherever there is a need for improved sensitivity, high signal to noise performance and faster collection rates, the HandHeld 2 Pro is the cost-effective VNIR spectroradiometer of choice.

The HandHeld 2 Pro spectroradiometer integrates a 512 element photo-diode array along with an area five times bigger than the standard HandHeld 2, leading to higher sensitivity. The larger photo-diode array elements are capable of allowing scan rates that are three times quicker and provide a five times improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio when compared to the regular HandHeld 2 model.

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