Fusion Bead Fluxer for XRF Sample Prep

Specac is the distributor of Nieka XRF Fusion Fluxers across the UK. Nieka are market-leaders due to their design and performance in XRF bead preparation, which are vital for accurate and reliable X-Ray Fluorescence analysis.

The  G4 XRF Fusion Bead Fluxer is an excellent gas fluxer for reliable temperature monitoring of the XRF bead fusion process to yield premium XRF analytical results.

This product is available through Specac in the UK only


  • Lowest (safer) gas pressure, with bottled or natural gas option
  • Efficient and customizable to your sample recipe
  • Ultra-high efficiency and low cost of ownership
  • Real-time temperature monitoring by painted monitoring process
  • Glass disk fusion with AA and ICP options
  • No oxygen or compressed air supply required
  • Remote supervision capability
  • Mixing, pouring and cooling stages, each separately controllable and programmable
  • Uses the radiant losses to boost efficiency and lower gas consumption


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