ASD TerraSpec® Halo Mineral Identifier

The ASD TerraSpec® Halo Mineral Identifier is the best NIR mineral identification instrument available for the exploration geology market. For exploration and mine geologists, the ASD TerraSpec® Halo mineral identifier is considered to be the next generation all-in-one mineral analysis system that allows users to instantly identify alteration minerals with just a simple pull of a trigger for faster delineation of alteration, quick confirmation of ore mineralogy and speedier core logging.

The TerraSpec® Halo mineral identifier is a complete-range NIR spectrometer measuring the visible and short wave infrared regions (350-2500 nm) that generates instant on-instrument results using a non-destructive contact measurement. The instrument comprises of internal references to allow effortless operation and data management and also features proprietary, modern mineral identification software for fast data capture in the field, and simple data management back in the lab or core shack.

Additional features of the TerraSpec Halo

  • Multiple languages
  • No cables
  • Easy to use handheld
  • Accurate and fast
  • No third party hardware
  • On board GPS
  • Audio recorder
  • Multi-mineral results and scalars

This revolutionary instrument is capable of delivering rapid mineral identification that considerably speeds exploration efforts, enhances analysis and decision making, increases efficiency, and eventually saves exploration programs money and valuable time.

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