ASD QualitySpec® 7000

The QualitySpec® 7000 process spectrometer is perfect for measurement of process materials transported on conveyance systems. The system has been designed for nonstop measurement of solids, blended materials and powders, providing multiple measurements from a single point.

The system effortlessly integrates into the process, delivering full-range, instantaneous measurements. All data is communicated through high-speed Ethernet and is effortlessly accessible over an OPC server, thus simplifying integration of data.

The QualitySpec® 7000 analytical system comprises of an optical head and a control cabinet. The compact optical head mounts over the conveyor and employs a safe quartz-halogen light source for steady reliable measurement. The reflected signal is conveyed from the optical head to the spectrometer through a fiber optic cable.

The Goetz spectrometer module, at the core of the QualitySpec® 7000 is, covers the Vis/NIR spectral region from 350-2500 nm. Enclosed in a ruggedized stainless-steel enclosure, the system is capable of withstanding some of the most dangerous process environments from dusty mills to remote rock quarries. Incorporated air conditioning and heaters allow the unit to function competently across a range of temperatures from -20 to 50 °C (-4 to 122 °F).

QualitySpec 7000 Benefits

  • Qualitative or quantitative data
  • Simple OPC server communications integration
  • Simultaneous measurement of multiple constituents
  • Reliable, rapid, non-contact measurements
  • Over-the-conveyor materials analysis

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