ASD QualitySpec® Trek Portable Spectrometer

The QualitySpec® Trek portable spectrometer is capable of delivering precision complete range spectral measurements via a hand-held system designed around a radically streamlined cable-free workflow. With just a single pull of the trigger, this hand-held, full-range, and portable spectrometer has the potential to deliver accurate spectral results in seconds. By optimizing spectral collection workflow, ease of use, and portability, QualitySpec® Trek saves time in the field and also maximizes the research budget investment. There simply is no easier way to gather precise full-range spectra.

QualitySpec® Trek is an all-in-one, general purpose, full-range, portable spectrometer measuring the visible and shortwave infrared regions (350-2500 nm). The instrument has been designed for portable spectroscopy and comprises of an on-board GPS, integrated internal light source, voice audio recorder for expanded sample descriptions, lightweight rechargeable lithium ion batteries, automated internal wavelength validation, internal white reference for hands-free optimization and calibration, a PC-based project and data management software ecosystem, and an integrated LCD display and computer with easy push button navigation.

Additional QualitySpec Trek features and benefits

  • Portable and compact: Lightweight yet rugged design permits unparalleled portability in a full-range highly accurate spectrometer.
  • Accurate and fast: Improved spectrometer configuration builds on the trusted legacy of ASD for exceptional performance and accuracy.
  • Cable free: Remove cable management from the data collection workflow with a truly cable-free integrated spectral collection system.
  • Integrated computer and LCD: On-board computing and LCD display prevents the need for 3rd party laptops or hand held devices. Simplify workflow and leave the PDA at home.
  • Audio voice recorder: Automate field notes with the convenience of voice memos. The QualitySpec Trek’s audio voice recorder feature is capable of recording useful descriptive information for each data point measured.
  • Internal wavelength and white reference capability: On-board internal referencing features guarantee high data quality, instrument performance, and liberates the operator from the necessity of frequent white reference measurements.
  • On-board GPS: Automatically populate accurate coordinate and elevation data for every measurement.
  • Sample clip: Each QualitySpec Trek is shipped with a second magnetic external white reference that serves as a sample clip for scanning thin samples such as foliage, parchment, or fabric.
  • Data management: Review and enlarge spectra on the device or on a laptop with the PC Manager. Laptop software permits easy spectrum, file and project management.
  • Multiple languages: QualitySpec Trek is ready to address international markets with completely integrated English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese language options.

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