On-Line Gas Chromatograph & Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer

Two Instruments in One

The Baseline Series 9200 PetroAlert® gas analyzer incorporates the selective detection of a gas chromatograph (GC) with the constant monitoring abilities of a total hydrocarbon analyzer (THA) in a single, sensitive, compact and stable instrument.

The 9200 PetroAlert has been specifically engineered for meeting the requirements of the gas and oil industry’s exploratory well-logging process. Its accuracy and speed allow well loggers monitoring a drill site to examine the hydrocarbons inside a well both qualitatively and quantitatively while drilling. That potential makes for a more effective drilling process and more timely assessment of a well’s potential. Each PetroAlert has been factory configured in order to meet particular customer monitoring requirements.

The Series 9200 PetroAlert includes dual-flame ionization detectors (FIDs): one dedicated to the GC, while the other is dedicated to total hydrocarbon measurement. The GC performs fast C1 to C5 analysis (< 30 seconds, preserving the C1-C2 separation at 200:1 concentration ratios) along with a detection limit of < 10 ppm as methane (CH4), while the overall hydrocarbon detector constantly monitors total hydrocarbons down to 0.003% and up to 100% as CH4. The analyzer's automatic calibration feature is perfect for unattended operation.

The microprocessor-based PetroAlert is controlled by a completely powerful and integrated icon-based system software — preventing the requirement for an external PC. The analyzer receives instructions either directly — using a programmable touchscreen on the front panel — or via remote access when the analyzer is linked to an Internet-accessible network and utilizing the free PC software available with each instrument. The analyzer’s data collection characteristics include user-definable options and chromatograms for exporting data to logging software. Data storage options are either non-stop or based on events, such as alarms.

Baseline’s PetroAlert analyzers are industry proven and adopted all over the world by major petrochemical and oil companies, as the best FID-based hydrocarbon field analyzers available while offering automated lab quality data.


  • Well Logging
    • GC:
      Light Hydrocarbon Analysis
      C1 to C5 (methane, propane, butanes, ethane, and pentanes)
      Heavy Hydrocarbon Analysis
    • THA: Nonstop monitoring of total hydrocarbons
  • Other configurations available

Every application is factory-configured and tested guaranteeing minimal set up and installation. The world-class team of service specialists are available to offer start-up, product support and training.

Features and Benefits

  • Dual FIDs
  • Automatic FID Ignition
  • Built in safety feature: Automatic shutoff for hydrogen and combustion air
  • Incorporated GC icon-based software - No need for external computer
  • WITS, Binary, ASCII output options
  • Includes manual sample injection port
  • 2 USB ports for mouse, keyboard or flash drive
  • Color LED graphical display with touch screen
  • Automatic and remote calibration
  • Continuous unattended operation
  • LAN, RS-232 connection
  • Multiple analog output options
  • Compact size and design
    • Perfect for field applications
    • 19-in rack mount or bench top

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