Dynamic Dual-Gas Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer

The DVS Vacuum, from Surface Measurement Systems, allows for the dynamic gravimetric sorption analysis of two gases.

The adsorption of vapors on porous materials is essential and vital within many industries. Traditional gravimetric techniques are based on using a ‘static’ vacuum method. This technique is restricted by the fact that ‘out-gassing’ of the vacuum chamber contents considerably contributes to the measured pressure and hence to the sorption measurements.

Customers can currently enjoy the capability of attaining accurate sorption properties of their materials using gases and solvents using Surface Measurement Systems’ newest DVS Vacuum analyzer.

Key Measurement Capabilities:

  • Adsorption and desorption under isothermal, dynamic/static, or isobaric conditions
  • Competitive adsorption of two probe molecules (i.e. Toluene–H2O, CO2–H2O, MeOH–H2O)
  • Perform multi-component experiments using vapor and/or gas sorbate molecules
  • Multiple adsorption/desorption and sample regeneration cycles
  • Unique vapor temperature and delivery control
  • Experimental background pressures as low as 1×10-6 Torr
  • In-situ sample degassing up to 400 °C and high vacuum (2×10-6 Torr)
  • Real-time sorption kinetics and thermodynamics
  • Adsorption measurements at relative pressures as low as 0.005 Torr
  • Sample masses from 5-1000 mg
  • Minimum deliverable relative water vapor pressure at 25 °C of 0.05%

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