Clean Tent - Model 750

A unique design concept within cleanroom technology, the Clean Tent by Clean Environments is ideal for users that need disaster recovery plans, temporary cleanroom facilities, clean storage or facilities for training. Comprised of two compartments, the gowning/entry airlock room and the main work cabin, the Clean Tent offers is a portable and easy to install unit at a low capital cost.


Created from anti-static reinforced Tryoll, the groundsheet forms a strong and durable base unit. The gowning room and work cabin also make the most of ambient lighting, as they are held in a PVC envelope. Lastly, the fan and filter units are fitted on the work cabin gable wall at work station level  and provide positive pressure.

Air System

The Moorfield fan filter units (FFU) have been fitted with a HEPA ISO 5 accredited filter, which runs on a standard mains plug (240v). Controlling the FFU is easy with the variable-speed rotary dial. The air system is based on horizontal laminar flow principles and the fan provides 1100m3/hour through the filter. The Clean Tent also features user-controlled zip vents



  • A Filter Unit Fan - 280W, 230vac, 50Hz standard
  • Electrical Supply - 5A, 230vac, 50Hz single phase 3 pin plug

Fan Filter Unit

  • Lifespan - 20,000 hours continuous at full speed

HEPA h14

  • Vmax at face - 0.45m/sec
  • Expected HEPA lifespan - 5 years in lab conditions, with continuous fan


  • G4 pleated pre-filter - 475mm x 370mm
  • Expected filter lifespan - approximately three months in lab conditions, with continuous fan


  • 4250mm (L) x 2500mm (W) x 2150mm (H)
  • Capacity - 3 people

Gowning Room

  • 600mm (L) x 2500mm (W) x 2150mm (H)

Work Cabin

  • 3650mm (L) x 2500mm (W) x 2150mm (H)

Additional Options

  • Hard flooring
  • Pass-through facility
  • Emergency pole or UPS structure
  • Step-over bench
  • Work station benches
  • Flight case
  • Installation and accreditation
  • Hire availability - Only available to the UK Mainland

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