Protective coatings on medical devices and PCBAs with the PICOSUN® P-1000 ALD system

The PICOSUN® P-1000 ALD system is built for large-scale batch coating of a range of 3D objects such as mechanical machinery parts, coins, watch parts and jewelry, glass or metal sheets, PCBAs and medical implants.

Technical Features

Typical substrate size and type

  • Small and large 3D items (for example, glass or metal sheets, coins, mechanical parts, jewelry, medical implants)

Processing temperature

  • 50 – 400 °C

Typical processes

  • Al2O3, ZnO, TiO2

Substrate loading

  • Manual loading with loading accessory (for example, forklift cart)


  • Level sensors, cleaning and refill service
  • Liquid, solid, ozone, gas
  • Up to 10 sources with six separate inlets

The PICOSUN® P-1000 ALD system is used for batch processing of a range of 3D objects such as coins, mechanical parts, jewelry, glass or metal sheets, or medical implants in a production environment. The key applications include different passivation and barrier layers to considerably improve both the performance and lifetime of the coated items. The PICOSUN® P-1000 ALD system provides innovative and agile design to facilitate the maximum quality ALD depositions with maximum yields, superior consistency, minimum system downtime, and low cost-of-ownership with production-verified processes.

The reliable, quick, and easy to maintain PICOSUN® P-1000 ALD system signifies the cutting-edge of industrial ALD.

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