PICOSUN® R-200 Advanced ALD System for Cutting-Edge R&D

The PICOSUN® R-200 Advanced ALD systems are designed for R&D on several applications such as IC components, LEDs, displays, lasers, MEMS devices, and 3D objects such as lenses, jewelry, coins, optics, and medical implants.

Technical Features

Typical Substrate Size and Type

  • 3D objects
  • Mini-batch
  • Powders and particles
  • 50-200 mm single wafers
  • 156 mm x 156 mm solar Si wafers
  • Porous, through-porous, and high aspect ratio (up to 1:2500)

Processing Temperature

  • 50 – 500 °C, plasma 450 °C (650 °C with heated chuck on request)

Typical Processes

  • Al2O3, SiO2, HfO2, Ta2O5, ZnO, ZrO2, AlN, TiO2, TiN, metals such as Pt or Ir

Substrate Loading

  • Manual loading with a pneumatic lift
  • Cassette-to-cassette loading with cluster tools
  • Semi-automatic loading with handling robot
  • Load lock with magnetic manipulator arm


  • Liquid, solid, ozone, gas, plasma(*)
  • Up to 12 sources with six separate inlets (seven if the plasma option is selected)


  • Cluster tools, RGA, UHV compatibility, roll-to-roll chamber, Picoflow™ diffusion enhancer, N2 generator, customized designs, gas scrubber, glove box integration for inert loading

(*) Plasma generator technical features:

  • Remote plasma source mounted to the loading chamber with connection to the reaction chamber
  • Sapphire applicator for different chemistries at superior particle performance
  • Commercial microwave plasma generator with adjustable 300 – 3000 W power, 2.45 GHz frequency
  • Protective gas flow in the intermediate space (no back-diffusion of the plasma species)
  • Possibility to plasma and thermal ALD cycling during the same deposition run without hardware changes to the system
  • Following relevant standards were used for evaluation of compliance of the power supply: DIN EN ISO 12100:2011-03, DIN EN 60204-1:2007-06, DIN EN 61000-6-2:2006-03, DIN EN 61000-6-4:2011-09
  • The power supply has been developed and manufactured to meet the requirements stipulated in SEMI S2-0310

The PICOSUN® R-200 Advanced ALD system is the international market leader in advanced ALD research tools with numerous customer installations. It has become the preferred tool both for companies and research institutes focused on innovation.

The agile design enables the maximum quality ALD film depositions along with the maximum system flexibility to suit future requirements and applications. The patented hot-wall design with completely separate inlets and instrumentation enables particle-free processing adaptable on a broad range of materials on 3D objects, wafers, and all nanoscale features. Exceptional uniformity even on the toughest through-porous, ultra-high aspect ratio, and nanoparticle samples is attained thanks to Picosun’s proprietary Picoflow™ technology.

The PICOSUN® R-200 Advanced systems are fitted with extremely functional and easily exchangeable precursor sources for gaseous, liquid, and solid chemicals. Extremely efficient and patented remote plasma option enables deposition of metals without the risk of plasma damage or short-circuiting. Integration with glove boxes, manual and automated loaders, UHV systems, cluster tools, roll-to-roll chambers, powder chambers, and various in situ analytics systems enable efficient and flexible research with good results regardless of what the research area is currently or might become later on.

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