Mobile Static Earthing System - Earth-Rite* MGV

The Earth-Rite* Mobile Ground Verification (MGV) system is a patented one of its kind system intended to confirm automatically that a solid electrostatic grounding connection is available for any truck that is involved in handling flammable materials or products.

Vacuum trucks and bulk carriers for chemicals on the road are vulnerable to the buildup of electrostatic charge as materials are transferred in or out of the container. This presents a potential fire risk if it results in a spark which can set the product, or the atmosphere in which the operation is being conducted, on fire.

For this reason, the API 2219: Safe Operation of Vacuum Trucks in Petroleum Service industry standard requires complete grounding of the truck as the first step in any transfer operation involving the use of vacuum trucks in a hazardous location while handling flammable materials. This must be done by connecting them to a verified true earth ground source.

The Earth-Rite* MGV system is thus meant to help operators ground their vehicles safely and reliably in compliance to this standard.

Common Applications for Grounding

Some common uses of safe earthing include:

  • On-site cleaning and recovery of material from storage containers such as tanks and chemical spills
  • Transport of chemicals between production stages in the factory
  • Transferring combustible products outside the factory in the absence of earthing or where the installed earthing has not been verified by the supplier
  • Recovery of flammable (Hazmat) materials from spills that occurred as they were being transported or from the containers in which they were stored

Feature Highlights

Static earth verification is done by the MGV as it makes sure the object which is connected to the earth grounding point has a low-resistance pathway which can allow static charge to leak from the truck into the earth.

The MGV provides continuous ground loop monitoring once it has completed the process of Static Ground Verification. It constantly checks the resistance in the connection from the truck to the verified grounding point as long as the product transfer continues and confirming that it is 10 ohms or less throughout.

The MGV has a pair of output contacts in its control unit, meant to interlock with the controlling mechanical equipment item such as the pump and arrest the material transfer as soon as it detects the absence of a solid static earthing point at any time in the process.

The MGV is easy to operate and provides rapid readings, so that the operator need not rely on an electrician or take manual readings of the resistance in the earthing connection. There is no need to learn how to handle complex systems. The operator can start the system by just attaching the provided clamp to any point connected to the earth, such as the designated earthing point on site, or any metal pipe or container buried in the ground, or to a temporary grounding point such as a buried metal rod.

The MGV offers options such as an MGV tester, a retractable cable reel, a portable static grounding kit and an installation kit.

Certification is to Ingress Protection (IP) 66 standards. The MGV system operates between -40 °C to + 55 °C, on a power supply of 12 V or 24 V DC (which can be selected by the operator).

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