Intrinsically Safe Hose Vontinuity Tester

The OhmGuard® is an electrical hose continuity tester to check the resistance along the hoses used to load or unload flammable products from or to vacuum trucks and road tankers.

It is used to make sure the entire length of the hose preserves electrical conductivity, avoiding isolated segments which could lead to the accumulation of static charge and thereby a spark ignition or explosion.


Some common applications include:

  • Hose testing on vacuum trucks before initiating cleanup or material recovery operations following a spill
  • Hose testing on bulk tankers before loading flammable products to storage tanks
  • Testing of resistance in hoses suitable for chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Testing of resistance in plant equipment
  • Field testing of bonding assemblies and conductors on the spot

Feature Highlights

The benefits of using OhmGuard® include:

  • Confirmation that there is no break in the electrical continuity hose is electrically continuioof stable hose electrical continuity with the truck to which the earthing point is attached
  • A single test can be performed following which the indicator provides a visual GO or NO GO message
  • Easy to use: All the driver needs to do is to attach the OhmGuard® cable to the truck-mounted junction box and the OhmGuard® clamp to the final coupling of the hose. There is thus no need for specialized training to teach the operator to use the system
  • Quick indication of hose safety within a few moments as the LED will pulse constantly once the unit detects that the hose is connected to the truck with a resistance of less than 100 ohms
  • Breaks in electrical continuity can be identified early on before the scheduled test date arrives
  • It is certified to be intrinsically safe in accordance to EX/HAZLOC standards and meets IP 64 standards. It operates at -40 °C to +60 °C.

System options include:

  • A universal resistance tester
  • Two lengths of Hytrel 2 core spiral cable with 10 m or 15 m (32 ft. or 50 ft. respectively)

The unit runs on a Varta 6122 E-Block battery which comes with the equipment.

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