Ideal Solution Around Electrostatically Charged Liquids - Earth-Rite® Plus

The Earth-Rite ® PLUS provides an ideal, reliable and precise solution for industrial professionals and engineers who handle equipment such as railcars, LACT units, skids and IBCs that have the potential to come in contact with electrostatically charged liquids. When electrostatically charged liquids accumulate, the potential of the charges within the liquid to release electrostatic sparks and subsequently ignite following exposure to combustible gases and vapors can be extremely dangerous for workers in the surrounding area.

By continuously monitoring the bonding connections of the applied equipment, the Earth-Rite ® PLUS will alert the operator as to whether the resistance of the system is greater than 10 ohms. The Earth-Rite ® PLUS functions according to the earthing and bonding recommendations set by IEC 60079-32-1, NFPA 77 and API RP 2003.

Feature Highlights

  • Equipped with an interlock that will stop equipment operation if the connection between the equipment and the earth source becomes faulty.
  • Highly visible LED light to notify users when low resistance connection is achieved with potentially charged equipment
  • Complies with the International Safety Standards to ensure that equipment resistance measures at 10 ohms or less.
  • Equipped with a heavy-duty stainless steel earthing clamp that can be connected to commonly used industrial tankers, drums and other conductive plant items.
  • Can be customized to include:
    • Universal Resistance Tester
    • Ex Strobe Light
    • Retractable Cable Reel
    • Installers Kit
  • Ingress Protection (IP) 66
  • Operating Temperature Range: -25 – 55 °C
  • Power Supply Options:
    • 110/120 V, 50-60 Hz
    • 220/240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
    • 12 V DC
    • 24 V DC

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