Universal Penetrometer – Model TO-512

Penetrometers from Tinius Olsen are used for testing a wide range of materials such as petroleum, grease, bitumen, cement, asphalt, rubber, tar, and soils.

In this test, a selected force is applied over a particular area for a set period of time and the depth of penetration or the depression made in the sample is measured in tenths of a millimeter, which is conveyed as a penetration number.

An accurately fabricated steel base has been engineered to facilitate penetration tests to be made over a broad surface area of sample. Modifiable feet are equipped in the base for leveling. The display and penetration arm are modifiable to allow the testing of samples immersed in a thermostat bath.

The unit is compact with integral timer to regulate the duration of penetration, which is preset in the factory to five seconds. The instrument is equipped with leveling screws. Each penetrometer is provided with a plunger weighing 47.5 g for testing bituminous product, one 50 g weight and one 100 g weight. It also comprises the cone and penetration unit.

Applicable Standards

  • EN 12350-2, ASTM C143

Standard Features

  • TO-515 Penetrometer cone
  • TO-516 Bitumen penetration kit

Optional Accessories

  • TO-515 Penetrometer cone
  • TO-51802 Transfer dish (copper)
  • TO-51803 Aluminum sample containers
  • TO-51801 Penetration needle
  • TO-518 Bitumen penetration kit
  • TO-04202 Penetration test cup
  • TO-04201 Penetration test cone

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