Available only with FRITSCH Cutting Mills: The patented FRITSCH sample exhauster with Cyclone separator with its based on negative pressure powerful vacuum function, ensures a simple feeding, fast throughput and a good cooling.

This effectively prevents sample material from escaping during feeding and unlocks up new possibilities in the processing of materials, which would not be possible without sample exhauster with Cyclone separator .

Also this is only possible with FRITSCH Cutting Mills:

While you are still tightening the screws on other mills, your FRITSCH Cutting Mills is already clean. Because only with FRITSCH Cutting Mills is it possible to lift open the entire top part of the housing as well as the door – in fact, the door can be completely removed – this means the entire grinding chamber is open for fast, easy, efficient cleaning. Also all grinding parts can be removed in just a few seconds without tools for unbeatable fast and simple cleaning!

This makes the FRITSCH Cutting Mills the ideal, time-saving assistants in the comminution of soft to medium-hard as well as fibrous or also tough materials. They are indispensable in the areas of plastics, textiles, agriculture and forestry, environment, construction materials, chemistry, foodstuffs, analytic and sample preparation for RoHS analysis.

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Key Features

  • Unmatched ease of cleaning due to patented quick opening access
  • Optimum airflow for particularly fast grinding and secure protection against clogging
  • More stable running and low wear due to the patented double cone bearing of the rotor
  • Exceptionally long service life through the use of replaceable and fixed knives
  • Unique grinding chamber geometry: minimal dead space and progressive cutting geometry between the rotor and the fixed knives – for faster and simpler operation
  • Grinding parts with different cutting geometries and materials - perfectly adjustable to your application

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