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Ring gauges are used to check external thread, plug gages are used to check internal thread. GO, NOGO, RH (ring hand) and LH (left hand) are available, as well as multiple start ACME thread gauges.

The ACME thread forms have a 29° thread angle. Their thread height is half of the pitch, and the peak and crest are flat. We can provide general-purpose ACME, Centralizing ACME, Stub-ACME thread ring & plug gauges, GO NOGO.

General-purpose ACME thread gages

Usually, general-purpose ACME thread should be used. The classes of fit include 2G, 3G and 4G (2G is the  priority of use). The ACME thread gages are produced according to ASME B1.5:

  • Material: Oil hardened tool steel-Gcr15, high wear resistance.
  • Hardness: 58-62 HRC
  • Ring gages are solid with no need to sett plug gages
  • Plug gauges are Taperlock and double ended with one handle.
  • All gages are brand new
  • Gage manufacturer are ISO9001 certified
  • Temperature and humidity are controlled when testing gages. The temperature will be 20 degree +- 0.5 degree, and the humidity will be 45%-65%.
  • A long form calibration certificate from ISO17025 accredited lab can be provided, but it need to be told in advance, and need extra costs.
  • Gaugestools can provide laser marking service on the gauges.
  • Delivery time is 3-5 days.
  • The gauges are fixed limit gauges, inspected on a pass/ fail basis

Centralizing ACME thread gages

If you are having difficulties using the general-purpose ACME thread, then you need to use the centralizing ACME threads. Classes of fit are: 2C, 3C, and 4C.

Gaugestools can provide the following centralizing ACME thread ring gauges & plug gages:

1/2″-10,   5/8″-8,  3/4″-6,  7/8″-6,  1″-5,  1 1/8″-5,  1 1/4″-5,  1 3/8″-4,  1 1/2″-4,  1 3/4″-4 ,

2″-4 ,  2 1/4″-3,  2 1/2″-3,  2 3/4″-3,  3″-2,  3 1/2″-2,  4″-2,  4 1/2″-2,  5″-2

Stub-ACME thread gages

If there is limited space, then the Stub-ACME thread can be used with a class of 2 fit.

At gaugestools, all the Stub ACME thread gages are manufactured according to a standard ASME B1.8.

D,d= Major diameter  D2,d2=Pitch diameter,  D1, d1= Minor diameter

Thread angle=29 degree

Crest and roots are flat.

For the special ACME thread gauges, Gaugestools can provide custom production, print and package to the client’s requirement.

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