Electro Optical Terahertz Pulse Reflectometry with the EOTPR 4000

TeraView has designed an automated DUT probing station that considerably minimizes the requirement for manual intervention while at the same time offering huge improvements to total throughput.

Key Features

  • Data acquisition time of less than five seconds per pin
  • Pre-scan station to map BGA location and height
  • Software that will drive the automated probe station and pre-scan station
  • User interface software to manage data display and recipe creation
  • Both manual and automated modes are available for probing

Key Components

  • EOTPR probe head
  • Pre-scan station for contact point mapping
  • Automated probe station that can also be worked in manual mode

TeraView EOTPR 4000 System Specifications

Core Unit

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THZ source Laser gated photo-conductive semiconductor emitter
THz detector Laser-gated photo-conductive semiconductor detector
Laser Ultra short pulsed laser
A/D converter 16 bit
TDR pulse rise time 6 ps (based on processed data) Defined as the time for the reflected impulse from the end of the high frequency probe to rise from 10% to 90% of its maximum value
Accuracy Able to locate a feature on 50 Ω coplanar waveguide positioned close to the high frequency probe with precision of ± 5 μm
Range Up to 270 mm from contact with probe on a 50 Ω strip line
Input impedance 50 Ω nominal
Channel input connector 1 mm
Probe configuration In addition to fitting within the TeraView supplied station, the probe is suitable for mounting on the Alessi REL-4800 parametric probe station made by Cascade Microtech (not supplied)
(ex. probe station)
60 (w) x 132 (h) x 100 (d) cm
(ex. probe station)
220 kg (480 lbs)
Electrical power requirements
(ex. probe station)
90 VAC to 250 VAC,
47 to 63 Hz single phase
Operating temperature 18 °C (64 °F) to 30 °C (86 °F)
Operating humidity Up to 80% (non-condensing)


Automated Probe Station

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Probe station modes of operation Full auto probing mode (see specifications below) or manual probing mode
Probe tip pitch 50 μm to 1 mm
Probe tip calibration Quick probe calibration to determine:
• Position of the signal and ground tips
• Probe tip pitch
Device under test size 5 mm x 5 mm to 40 mm x 40 mm
Device mounting Devices under test are mounted to the probe station with reusable Gel-Pack mounts with A1 positon indicator
Device under test contact type Compatible with BGA and LGA
Minimum solder ball diameter 50 μm (manual), 200 μm (auto)
Minimum LGA pad size 100 μm x 100 μm
Device under test pre-scan time Less than 60 seconds
(single 16 mm stripe)
Measurement time per pin Less than 5 seconds
(no co-averaging)
Software A full software suite to enable data collection and analysis with the automated probe station
Data file format Data files will contain the following information:
• Device name/type (user specified)
• Pin locations measured
• Measured date
• Task information/comments (user specified)
Microscope Microscope supplied with CCD camera
Dimensions (estimated) 100 (w) x 194 (h) x 76 (d) cm
Weight (estimated) 200 Kg
Environment As per the base unit

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