High Power, Pulse Fiber Laser - Centauri i1200

The Centauri i1200 is a convenient and lightweight device. The Centauri lasers were created for applications that benefit greatly from the stability of fiber lasers. The AgileTune™ seed technology used by the Centauri devices lets the user fix the laser output parameters optimally for each task, thus increasing the efficiency.

Both the pulse duration and the pulse repetition frequency can be finely tuned within a large range of values. The latest Centauri instrument has been specifically developed to allow high process speeds to be attained. The laser provides 1200 W of power and high pulse energies exceeding 120 mJ, which are required for coating and paint removal, mold cleaning, surface pre-treatment, weld preparation, and restoration.


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Power (W) 1200
Pulse duration (ns) 5-500
Pulse energy (mJ) > 120
Pulse Repetition Frequency (kHz) 5-500


  • Paint and Coating Removal
  • Oxide Removal
  • Weld Preparation
  • Material Processing
  • Mold Cleaning
  • Photovoltaic Processing
  • Thin Film Removal
  • Rapid Laser Patterning

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