Heat Flux Sensor for Large Areas - PHFS-90e

The PHFS-09e is a thin, large area sensor that is ideal for measuring heat or R-values on walls and building envelopes. It has high sensitivity, is inexpensive, and is NIST traceable. It is encapsulated with metal foil that makes it more robust.

Features and Specifications

Can be used for various applications such as measuring energy efficiency of buildings, R-value measurements, R&D, and use in teaching heat transfer concepts.

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Sensor Type Differential-Temperature Thermopile
Encapsulation Material Copper (other materials available)
Nominal Sensitivity Approx. 70–90 mV/(W/cm2)
Sensor thickness (t) 600 microns
Heat Flux Range +/- 150 kW/m2
Temperature Range -50 to +120 ºC
Response Time 0.9 Seconds
Sensor Surface Thermocouple Type-T Thermocouple
Sensing Area Dimensions 3.45" x 3.75" (8.8 cm x 9.5 cm)
Cost $250 for single sensor (volume and university discounts available)


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