Heat Flux Sensor - PHFS-01

The PHFS-01 heat flux sensor is an inexpensive NIST traceable sensor for long-term use for monitoring heat transfer through walls, pipes, ducts, etc. Although it is extremely thin, it is very sensitive and reliable. It can be used in R&D for studying heat transfer components and for measuring the energy efficiency.


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Sensor Type Differential-Temperature Thermopile
Encapsulation Material Kapton (polyimide)
Nominal Sensitivity 7.7 mV/(W/cm2)
Sensor thickness (t) 380 microns
Heat Flux Range +/- 150 kW/m2
Temperature Range -50 to +120 ºC
Response Time 0.6 Seconds
Sensor Surface Thermocouple Type-T Thermocouple
Sensing Area Dimensions a = 2.54 cm b = 2.54 cm
Total Sensor Dimensions W = 2.7 cm H = 3.2 cm
Sensing Area 6.45 cm2
Total Sensor Area 8.6 cm2
Cost $50 for single/small volumes (bulk/university discounts available)


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