Thermocouple and Heat Flux Data Reader

The FluxDAQ is a low-cost data acquisition system that can be used for precisely recording the analog voltage signals from the FluxTeq heat flux and thermocouple heat sensors. It has 8 high-resolution differential voltage input channels, making it one of the few commercially available systems that can accurately record the sensor output signals.

As the PHFS heat flux sensor package has an integrated thermocouple using 2 differential channels for measuring heat flux and temperature at the same time, the FluxDAQ with its 8 channels can operate 4 PHFS sensors. A real-time graphical user interface, along with the software necessary to run the FluxDAQ using your computer is included free with the system.


  • Measuring and acquiring data from the heat flux sensor and thermocouple
  • Measuring R-value in situ using the PHFS-09 series sensors
  • Teaching heat transfer in the lab

System Specifications

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Input Signal Type: Heat flux sensor and Type-T Thermocouple Analog DC voltages
Number of Channels: 8 Differential (16 Single-Ended)
Type of ADC: 24-bit Delta-Sigma
Voltage Resolution: <1 µV
Heat Flux Resolution Using PHFS-01/01e: Approximately 1–2 W/m2
Heat Flux Resolution Using PHFS-09e: Approximately 0.1–0.2 W/m2
Maximum Sampling Rate: Up to 2.5 Hz
Standard Features: Integrated thermistor for cold junction temperature compensation

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