Extremely High-Temperature Heat Flux Sensor - HTHFS-01

The HTHFS-01 heat flux sensor made of high-temperature resistant materials and housed within an Inconel casing that also protects the measurement leads against extreme temperatures, is the first commercially available sensor that can operate up to 1000 ºC (1800 F).


  • Testing fire resistant clothing
  • Metallurgy research: quenching and heat treatment processes
  • High-temperature R&D


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Sensor Type: Differential-temperature thermopile
Nominal Sensitivity: Approx. 300 µV/(W/cm2)
Sensor Thickness (t): 3.175 mm
Max Temperature: Up to 1000 ºC
Thermocouple Type: Type-K Thermocouple
Sensing Area Size: 9.8 mm x 5.7 mm

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