Ensure Always Flawless Performance of your with the PicoSupport™ Service Agreement

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is more than a process or equipment, it is a solution, and Picosun is dedicated to providing the maximum benefit ALD solution through their PicoSupport™ service.

Behind the ALD chemistry is the process and the equipment - the core parts of the solution - but equally important are maintenance of the equipment, user training, process optimization and production ramp-up. Together all these components create the perfect ALD product to boost the value and competitive edge of a business.

Picosun offers a comprehensive range of services from concept phase to mass production, offering everything from initial testing and development in collaboration with their laboratories, prototyping, training of operators and staff, delivery of chemicals, maintenance of equipment and delivery of spares, and priority support during production.

Picosun offers similar services to research institutes and universities: believing that the academic community is crucial for the development of ALD, they want all research groups who run PICOSUN® ALD equipment to have the best trained students and smoothly running ALD systems, to enable the breakthrough ALD results for future industries.

Feature Highlights

  • PicoSupport™ agreements can help minimize system downtime, give support for both equipment and process questions, and an access to additional services such as local spares storage, periodical maintenance programs, and chemicals delivery.
  • PicoTraining™ programs offer training to ensure safe and efficient operation of the equipment, a prerequisite for all professional production.
  • Periodical maintenance programs with a certified Picosun Engineer: a well-maintained ALD system has better uptime and lower yield cost, which reduces the total cost of ownership.
  • Precursor delivery services: strong collaboration with leading chemical suppliers to ensure high-quality chemical services with safe and easy filling and shipping of the precursors and their containers.

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