Keep Spearheading Your Industry with Picosun's PicoDevelopment™ Process and Application Consultancy

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) isn’t just a process or equipment, its a solution. The process and the equipment are central to the solution, but so are the maintenance of the equipment, user training, process optimization, production ramp-up and, behind it all, the ALD chemistry.

Picosun is dedicated to providing you the maximum benefit ALD solution through PicoDevelopment™. With forty years of history in ALD and with the hundreds of years of total ALD experience of our personnel, they offer a comprehensive range of services to take you from the concept phase to mass production, from initial testing and development in collaboration with their laboratories, prototyping, training of operators and staff, delivery of chemicals, maintenance of equipment and delivery of spares, and priority support during production.

The development of a new process is often a long cycle beginning with screening chemistries and materials. PicoDevelopment™ can shorten this using in-depth knowledge and experience from both industrial production and the R&D community. It offers a range of standard and complicated processes, which can be developed processes on request.

Feature Highlights

  • Process library and process development
  • Foundry and coating services
  • Cleanroom and lab facilities
  • Ramp-up services and prototype production for production customers.
  • Consulting services with several Doctors in ALD chemistry to support process, application, and integration issues.
  • Experience in Si-based and compound semiconductors, power electronics, optical coatings, anti-corrosion, and anti-tarnish coatings, MEMS, energy, biocompatible coatings, protection of specialty electronics, and in many other areas.

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