Analyzing EDS Data with APEX™ Software

EDAX offer their APEX™  software, which collects and analyzes Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) data. With an easily-operated and practical interface, this system enables users of any expertise to fulfill their analysis requirements.

APEX™ guarantees reliable, accurate results as well as increased productivity with this appealing and adaptable software display. A range of additional features can also be added to the APEX™  software. One example is the Spectrum Match feature, which provides users with the ability to match a collected ‘unknown’ spectra to similar spectra documented in the Smart Materials and Minerals Library.

Ease of Use

The accessible interface allows easy acquisition, interpretation, and analysis of EDS data for all user levels. Graphical visualization, quantitative analysis, and reporting of data can all be accomplished simultaneously and efficiently using the simple Live and Review Modes.


One of the most appealing aspects of the software is its flexibility. Users can customize and alter color schemes, data representation settings, and window display layouts to fit with their preferences or research requirements.

Feature Highlights

  • Simultaneous Live and Review Modes save time and increase efficiency
  • Spectral Collection, Linescan, and Mapping Modes provide for a variety of EDS needs
  • Customizable color schemes and layouts
  • Straightforward methods to collect, report, and interpret data
  • Quantitative and Multipoint data analysis
  • Optional Spectrum Match and Smart Materials and Minerals Library features

Analyzing EDS Data with APEX

APEX™ CompoMap showing separated P K and Zr L overlapping peaks
APEX™ element color selector window

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