Orbis MC Micro-XRF Analyzer for Particle Analysis

EDAX’s range of Standard Orbis Analyzers utilize highly sensitive and multi-element X-ray detection to provide precise elemental analysis on samples of all sizes.

Analysis of Large-particle Samples

The Orbis MC Micro-XRF Analyzer is ideal for applications that require analysis of large-particle samples, or samples with features on a larger scale. Such applications for the Orbis MC Analyzer could include criminal forensics or industrial quality control work.

High-quality Imaging and Analysis

The Orbis MC uses an innovative 30 mm2 X-ray silicon drift detector (SDD), which can be upgraded to the larger size of 50 mm2, and a color video camera with 10x and 100x color magnification to ensure imaging analysis of the upmost quality. Orbis Vision software, a simple analytical tool, is also available for users to achieve fundamental parameter analysis, trace element analysis, and semi-empirical analysis of data.


With the ability to measure elements from Na to Bk in either air or low-vacuum environments, this analyzer is flexible enough to provide for any user requirement. Furthermore, EDAX offers a range of additional features that can be added to the standard Orbis MC, such as a viewport to monitor samples, smaller mono-capillary optics to ensure the maximal focus of X-ray detection, and extra analytical possibilities using Orbis Vision.

Feature Highlights

  • Ideal for measuring large-particle samples in vacuum or air environments
  • Dual high-quality video cameras with 10x color and 100x color magnification
  • Advanced LN-free 30 mm2 SDD
  • 300 µm mono-capillary optic
  • Automated primary beam filter system (open position, 6 filters, shutter)
  • Vision software for automated data analysis
  • Major clinical applications in criminal forensics/industrial quality control
  • Optional features including:
    • Advanced 50 mm2 SDD
    • 4.9" x 4.9" (124 mm x 124 mm) sample chamber viewport
    • 100 µm mono-capillary optic
    • Vision software additions (spectral mapping, image processing, Linescan, coating analysis, spectral matching, alloy ID)

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