Producing Higher Sensitivity for EBSD Applications with the DigiView Camera

The DigiView Camera by EDAX is a dynamic high-resolution camera designed to produce Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) imaging of the upmost precision and quality. Designed for both orientation mapping and phase identification, the DigiView camera uses a bellows-based insertion and retraction system for vacuum and live-imaging operations.

Ultimately, this technology offers high-resolution image acquisition and flexible operation for a variety of EBSD requirements.

Excellent Camera Sensitivity

One main feature of the DigiView is its high sensitivity. The charge-coupled device (CCD) sensor, which measures a high Quantum Efficiency (QE), also utilizes a phosphor screen coating and thus enables excellent camera sensitivity over a range of environments. Furthermore, a low level of noise is maintained by a Peltier cooling system which ensures maximal image accuracy.

High-Speed Data Collection

EBSD maps can be processed at rapid rates using DigiView; users can acquire orientation mapping data at speeds of up to 200 indexed patterns per second with extremely high indexing success rates. This is because DigiView is used with EDAX’s TEAM™ Analysis System which provides programmed manipulation of pattern collection settings to enable ideal system performance and data analysis.

Feature Highlights

  • Good sensitivity due to high QE of CCD sensor
  • High-speed data collection: rates of up to 200 indexed patterns per second
  • Indexing success rates of up to 99%
  • High resolution images of 1.4-megapixel resolution: 1392 (H) x 1040 (V)
  • High signal to noise ratio: noise levels < 8e- @ 20 MHz
  • TEAM Analysis software provides automated camera setup
  • Adjustable range of gain
  • Optional Forward Scatter Detector (FSD) to preview samples before EBSD scans

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