Elemental Mapping using Desktop SEM

The Elemental Mapping and Line Scan function is an option contained in the EID software package. Elemental mapping exposes the distribution of elements inside a sample. Here the formerly chosen elements for the spot analysis can be mapped at a user-detailed pixel resolution and acquisition time. The real-time mapping algorithm reveals live build-up of the chosen element maps while storing spectra of each pixel. This allows elements to be incorporated or removed at any time during or after the mapping process.

Mapping can be performed on the image as a whole, but there is an extra benefit included to save time by incorporating the Selected Area option. Line Scan allows analysis over a designated line.

The answer lies in the possibility to choose each of the following: dwell time per point, number of points, and number of passes. Furthermore, the results can be effortlessly exported and reported via an automated template.

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Key Specifications

  • Quick and reliable information on the distribution of elements within the sample or the selected line
  • Effortlessly exported and reported results
Phenom ProX product demo

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