3D Imaging of Roughness with an SEM

The Phenom desktop SEM systems with the 3D Roughness Reconstruction application are capable of producing 3D images and sub-micrometer roughness measurements.

3D imaging helps to deduce sample features and makes images comprehensible for more number of users. It is often hard, for instance, to identify scratches, dents, and burrs from flat 2D images. Measuring the average roughness (Ra) and the roughness height (Rz) is crucial for regulating and understanding production processes. By applying SEM imaging for data collection, a much better resolution can be accomplished than by using traditional (indirect) techniques.

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Key Specifications

  • Intuitive fully automated user interface
  • Intuitive user interface, highest employability
  • Rapid reconstruction
  • Based on ”shape from shading” technology, no stage tilt necessary

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