XRF - S8 TIGER ECO - Quality and Process Control Made ECOnomic and ECOlogic

One of the most appealing sources for achieving significant cost savings is energy efficiency. Bruker’s new S8 TIGER ECO range delivers wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) performance with considerably low purchasing and operating costs.

The S8 TIGER ECO incorporates Bruker’s “Plug ‘n Analyze” technology, removing any need for compressed air or cooling water, and requires a low amount of power to function. In terms of instrument maintenance and uptime costs, the S8 TIGER ECO can guarantee significant savings to your budget.  

The S8 TIGER ECO series configurations accommodate all budgets for WDXRF instrumentation:

  • S8 TIGER ECO “Petro” for lubricating oils according to ASTM D6443
  • S8 TIGER ECO “Petro” for low sulfur compliant to ASTM D2622
  • S8 TIGER ECO “Cement” for building materials with ASTM C 114 performance.

The new ECO series is defined by a novel design that provides users with top quality analytical performance, whilst also cutting ownership costs (ECOnomical) and ensuring resources consumed are minimal (ECOlogical).

Across the ECO line, each instrument offers excellent instrument quality and warranty coverage, as well as high instrument uptime and optimal ease-of-use.

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