XRD - D8 VENTURE - Quality and Versatility in Single Crystal XRD

Conduct your experiments in the D8 VENTURE, an enclosure with ample space for liquid metal jet, rotating anode and dual wavelength solution. The innovative PHOTON II CPAD detector is present in each system.   

Achieve excellent experimental flexibility with the D8 VENTURE, as well as optimal sample visibility and accessibility. Using first-class components, it is developed with high modularity, and comes in much sought-after all-air-cooled configurations. An entirely open design ensures optimal flexibility for further extensions.  

Key Features

  • Advanced safety enclosures  
  • FIXED-CHI/ KAPPA Goniometer  
  • Microfocus TXS Rotating Anode  
  • IµS 3.0 microfocus X-ray source – customised to meet the requirements of crystallography  
  • PHOTON II detector with CPAD technology  
  • Sealed tube X-ray sources  
  • PHOTON III detector with mixed mode technology for optimal linearity  
  • Software
    • PROTEUM3 – featuring a data processing pipeline for structural biology  
    • APEX3 - the most comprehensive suite for chemical crystallography  
  • Accessories
    • Low Temperature devices
    • ISX Stage for in-situ X-ray crystallography  
    • SCOUT - Automated sample changing system  

For single source solutions with a reduced ecological impact, refer to the compact D8 QUEST.

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