XRD - D8 QUEST - Quality in Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction

Take advantage of 4th generation free-electron laser (FEL) technology in your home laboratory with the D8 QUEST, a compact solution featuring the innovative PHOTON II CPAD DETECTOR for conducting single wavelength experiments.

The D8 QUEST provides good sample visibility, accessibility and high experimental flexibility, and a reduced foot-print in a compact enclosure.

Using first-class components, it is developed with high modularity, and comes in much sought-after all-air-cooled configurations; this provides users with a solution that can satisfy all their research requirements, and ensures the highest quality structure.

Key Features

  • PHOTON III detector with mixed mode technology for best linearity
  • PHOTON II detector with CPAD technology
  • Sealed tube X-ray sources
  • IµS 3.0 microfocus X-ray source – customized to meet requirements of crystallography
  • Advanced safety enclosures
  • FIXED-CHI/ KAPPA Goniometer
  • Software
    • PROTEUM3 - featuring a data processing pipeline for structural biology
    • APEX3 - the most comprehensive suite for chemical crystallography

The D8 QUEST ECO is the most recent addition to the extensive D8 Crystallography Solutions range.

Refer to the D8 VENTURE for a more spacious enclosure that accommodates dual wavelength solutions and rotating anode.  

Chemical Crystallography

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