XRD - D8 VENTURE - METALJET - NANOSTAR - One Single Source for XRD and Small Angle Xray Scattering

With an X-ray beam unparalleled in brightness, the METALJET is superior to any existing home lab X-ray sources, utilising two evenly powerful ports to enhance small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and protein X-ray diffraction (PX) experiments.

For X-ray diffraction, the D8 VENTURE with PHOTON II detector and METALJET offer an in-house system for X-ray crystallography that usually produces synchrotron quality data.

The high-performance, portable NANOSTAR system provides the optimal solution for meeting the progressively increasing calls for biological SAXS data to be quantatively combined with structural data from different methods, including NMR, molecular dynamics or crystallography.

By using a single end station to enable the dual-port configuration, the user  can upgrade their capabilities with ease; while they may have no immediate need for a second port, it may prove useful in future projects.  

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