CS/ONH-Analysis - G4 ICARUS CS HF- High Performance Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer

Bruker’s G4 ICARUS HF combustion analyzer with infrared detection and high frequency furnace is the perfect tool for quick and accurate analysis of sulphur and carbon in solids.

Bruker’s G4 ICARUS HF combustion analyzer with infrared detection and high frequency furnace is the perfect tool for quick and accurate analysis of sulphur and carbon in solids. It is particularly effective with metallic materials, but also clays, cement, ores, ceramics, and additional inorganic materials. A ceramic crucible enclosed in a sealed high-frequency furnace which is pressurized by a flow of pure oxygen is used to combust the solid sample.

The user can alter the HF furnaces power to realize optimal combustion. Solid-state IR detectors measure the CO2 & SO2 reaction gases emitted. The G4 ICARUS is defined by its exceptional usability, sensitivity, precision and high analytical speed, as well as requiring virtually no maintenance. With its crucial technological developments, this system sets new standards for productivity and ease-of-use.

The unique combustion zone feature uses a gas extraction nozzle (patent pending), which enables a high oxygen excess at the sample with formed metal oxide dust and liberated gases being instantly removed. Its novel and entirely automatic cleaning system with brush-free dust removal guarantees the gas extraction nozzle and inline dust filter are cleaned simultaneously, and gathered dust is moved to the (used) crucible to be disposed of. These novel additions, combined with a new type temperature stabilized dust filter optimized for lowest dead volume, make the G4 ICARUS unparalleled in its performance and features:

  • Improved cleanliness of environment, dust filter and furnace than is possible with vacuum cleaner systems, though without their noiseless operation and utmost analytical stability with no regular maintenance.
  • Achieve combustion on a greater range of samples with improved efficiency, as well as removing almost all splattering and dust, resulting in optimal applicability, component lifetime and productivity.

The G4 ICARUS HF utilizes selective solid-state, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detectors that have no moving parts and feature two measuring ranges for SO2 (sulfur) and CO2 (carbon).

Recording of all channels happens concurrently and the best option is determined automatically using the data processing software.

Features and Benefits

  • A unique three year warranty on key components; the IR detector and HF tube
  • Oxygen is saved in break periods using zero-flow mode. No reagent consumption in stand by mode.
  • Double dual range solid-state NDIR detector, with no moving parts, complete with measuring ranges for SO2 and CO2 comes as standard, and optimal range selection as well as automatic base line compensation
  • Entirely automatic cleaning system featuring vacuum-free and noiseless dust removing: vacuum free dust transferred into the crucible, and no regular maintenance required
  • Novel design of combustion zone with gas extraction nozzle (patent pending) enables lance-free operation: Combustion is more efficient with no error prone lance and virtually all dust and splattering is removed, and abrasive cleaning is not required; therefore component lifetime (e.g. quartz combustion tube) is extended, productivity is higher, and maintenance is reduced.


The G4 ICARUS HF achieves a clear user interface using intuitive analysis software. Data evaluation, calibration, method setup, measurement and other various tasks from the user’s workflow are clearly split into separate views.



G4 ICARUS - Analysis Screen

G4 ICARUS - Analysis Screen

G4 ICARUS Carbon Sulphur analyzer

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